Model: 037DB-RSD38C

Weight: 1440 ( ±5% )g

Holes: 24H-F / 24H-R

Size: 700C

Model: 037DB-RSD50C

Weight: 1440 ( ±5% )g

Holes: 24H-F / 24H- R

Size: 700C

Model: 206DB-GRL30C

Weight: 1317 ( ±5% )g

Holes: 24H-F / 24H-R

Size: 700C

Model: 206DB-GRL40C

Weight: 1397 ( ±5% )g

Holes: 24H-F / 24H-R

Size: 700C

Disc brake wheels are designed to fit disc brake road bikes, cyclocross bikes and gravel bikes.

Usually the wheels are built with 12x100 & 12x142mm thru axle, 24/24 holes, center lock bike hubs ofShimano 11s or Sram XDR. Tubeless ready compatible carbon bicycle rims in different profiles, straight pull and classic J-bend spokes are all available.

Why disc brake for road bike wheels is getting so popular?


With disc brake wheels, there is a significant increase in braking power in both wet and dry conditions that will make cycling safer. Disc brakes function well in all sorts of weather conditions such as rain, sleet, and mud. Variable weather conditions can hinder the performance of rim brakes, which puts you in a position where you don’t know how or when to apply your braking power in order to stop. This is one of the biggest reasons that cyclists choose disc brakes over rim brakes, especially during winter. Besides, by eliminating the braking surface on the rim itself, disc brake wheels will last much longer than a traditional rim brake wheels. Off-road riders from mountain bikers and cyclo-cross racers to gravel enthusiasts love disc brakes because they allow for wider rims and more tyre clearance. Without the need for a brake caliper, there is more room for the wheel.





What disc brake wheels do we produce?


We produce disc brake wheels for road bikes, gravel bikes, mtb and ebikes. Now YISHUNBIKE disc brake wheels include straight pull bicycle wheels with DT swiss hub series 180/240/350 and J-bend bicycle wheels with classic hubs made in China. Carbon symmetric designed rims RSD/RSL, carbon asymmetric design rims ASD and special carbon gravel rims GRL are used on the disc brake wheels as different options.





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